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Creating Moments On Stage

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cdbabypodcastI have been listening to Podcasts on my I-pod and one of my favorites is the CD Baby DIY Musicians Podcast.  They always have topics and guests that I enjoy, and I find their information invaluable. The latest interview was with Tom Jackson, a Live music producer. I don’t know this guy from Adam but he really struck a chord with me. Really got me thinking about my shows as more than just a collection of songs. And now I a building a to do list, creating a theme to add continuity to the show, creating a story to tell, creating moments and rehurse those moments to purposly connect with the audience. Alot of this I am already doing, but It’s time to focus and tune with a new sense of direction. I have a show on Feb 7th at The Vine and my goal is to impliment some of these concepts in a more deliberate fashion.

The Evil Eye

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I have made a name for myself in my office as part of the liberal Democrat group. I have my Obama campaign button stuck to my cubicle wall.  And water cooler talk often includes the follies of GW. Since the inauguration tho I have noticed some of my coworkers giving me the evil eye. There are angry republicans in my midst. I have great hopes for our nation but I am disappointed in the behavior of poor losers. And I doubt they are ready to pitch in and help rebuild America.


New Years

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The new Years party was a hoot.
had tons of fun here are some pics
JCC 2009

Band Practice

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Last night was a good Jack Crowne and the Coronas night. most of what we did was fairly tight. Which is surprising because we haven’t played together for 3 weeks and that night was kinda weak. That said, I think we’re totally ready for whatever Wednesday’s New Years party throws our way. There are a few songs I am really liking right now, their common thread is that their structure is loose and we can trade off solos, rearrange verses on the fly without train wrecking and just generally vamp on the song. One of them, “You can’t get what you want” from the Stones, was so much this way that the first time we played it as a group it was almost by accident. we were just vamping on a C / F chord progression and when we came to a break between solos I just started singing it 🙂 and it took off. I love that we can play off each other like that. it’s nice being in a mature band

AH The New Year

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Almost over now just have the final New Years Push .. and you know what that means…. New Year’s Resolutions.  So  I am Setting Goals and being the geek that I am I will need to track them online for the world to see 😛
Ronnie's Personal Score Badge

The Music Card

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Wow that went better than I thought.  Normally I would give a card out at a show with a Code on it.  Feel free to try it out click on the image above and use this Code “123456”