Band Practice

Last night was a good Jack Crowne and the Coronas night. most of what we did was fairly tight. Which is surprising because we haven’t played together for 3 weeks and that night was kinda weak. That said, I think we’re totally ready for whatever Wednesday’s New Years party throws our way. There are a few songs I am really liking right now, their common thread is that their structure is loose and we can trade off solos, rearrange verses on the fly without train wrecking and just generally vamp on the song. One of them, “You can’t get what you want” from the Stones, was so much this way that the first time we played it as a group it was almost by accident. we were just vamping on a C / F chord progression and when we came to a break between solos I just started singing it 🙂 and it took off. I love that we can play off each other like that. it’s nice being in a mature band


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