Creating Moments On Stage

cdbabypodcastI have been listening to Podcasts on my I-pod and one of my favorites is the CD Baby DIY Musicians Podcast.  They always have topics and guests that I enjoy, and I find their information invaluable. The latest interview was with Tom Jackson, a Live music producer. I don’t know this guy from Adam but he really struck a chord with me. Really got me thinking about my shows as more than just a collection of songs. And now I a building a to do list, creating a theme to add continuity to the show, creating a story to tell, creating moments and rehurse those moments to purposly connect with the audience. Alot of this I am already doing, but It’s time to focus and tune with a new sense of direction. I have a show on Feb 7th at The Vine and my goal is to impliment some of these concepts in a more deliberate fashion.


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