Blog traffic?

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Saw a peak in blog stats, comming from this site… Hmmm


Drop Cards

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I want to give my audience a take away from the show.  Something that they take home that drives them to my site. The Buttons are fun but I question how well the’re working. That’s where Drop Cards come in. A Drop Card is a card with a code. Enter the code on the site and get a digital download. There are companies that do this but they have drawbacks. first, the cards average .50 per card 10X the cost of 1″ buttons. AND they take the user AWAY from your site to redeem. That’s counter productive in my opinion. So I am starting to attempt to build this myself. I have built a code generation engine and generated 32,000 dumped that into a mySQL database on my site .. that Was the esay part. Next is the web interface. This is where I will likely peter out. let’ wait and see.

Good morning

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Monday, eh pttth

Motivation is at an all time low. Maybe I’ll clean my cubicle to get me started.

Don’t really have much to say I just posted a long post on my other blog guess I could have put this on twitter

What now?

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Yesterday before I went to the polls I made one last run over my local voting guide making sure that I had an opinion on each minor office candidate. Then I watched online video from both presidential candidates to make a final evaluation of my political leanings. What happened next was a suprise to me. I was inspired.  The video that inspired me was a July 2nd call to service speach from Obama at the Airforce Academy. As I reflected on my thoughts about the race leading up to election day I realized it allot of it was based more on my negetive feelings towards the Bush administration. But this call to service was truely inspiring.  And I have a Republican office rival to thank.  Our local right wing pundent sent me a link of Obama being taken out of context. so I found the entire video and forwarded it back to him. This video is what inspired me.  So now what? Today I have a strong need to give back. to contribute to the good of all americans. My newyears resolution is to Follow our new president’s lead and find a way that I can serve and I really feel this is one that I will keep.

Strum Stick 3.0

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Working on my strumstick today, I wasn’t plesaed with the first one I made I learned some lessons from it and we’ll see if I learned enough lessons.


  • Tone wood was needed for body, The first one sounds thin.
  • Easier construction of body walls by bending the neck wood instead of cutting the body curve
  • Tail stock
  • leave enough head stock from the neck to make the head out of the same wood as the neck
  • Finish wood to prevent staining, open pours in grain pick up dirt from player’s skin

Maybe I’ll sell the first one on craigslist when I get the other one done 🙂


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Ideas worth spreading

Lately I have been watching Ted Talks topics from green fules and politics of energy to the recount of a brain surgeon recounting her stroke. And I have to tell you all that these bite sized talks from the worlds great thinkers are as thought provoking as they are entertaining. go and watch then leave a comment and tell me what you think.

I-Tunes Sucks

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rotton apple

Feeling a little torn today I love my Ipod it is sleek sexy and even smells good (that’s another story) But I can only interface with it through Itunes. and that program is a slug. oh and don’t get me started on the DRM. It’s like I have this 57 gibson Les Paul in mint condition and I keep it in a cardboard box taped together with duct tape. Or a brand new Porche Boxter that I keep parked under a sappy walnut tree in late summer. I have only ever purchaced 3 songs that I have downloaded from Itunes (free cards from starbucks) I don’t need or desire the itunes store. I wish I had a simpler interface like I had with my i-River you plug it in and it looks like a hard drive to your computer and you just drag the friggin files to it. SIMPLE. ArRg!