The Evil Eye

I have made a name for myself in my office as part of the liberal Democrat group. I have my Obama campaign button stuck to my cubicle wall.  And water cooler talk often includes the follies of GW. Since the inauguration tho I have noticed some of my coworkers giving me the evil eye. There are angry republicans in my midst. I have great hopes for our nation but I am disappointed in the behavior of poor losers. And I doubt they are ready to pitch in and help rebuild America.



One Response to “The Evil Eye”

  1. Poor losers? as opposed to the gracious losers of the past 8 years? Sorry bro, can’t let this one slide.
    I too had great hopes for this nation, but I truly believe the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is NOT the man for the job. (and no, I will not call him president as that implies I have respect for him) I can only hope and pray he doesn’t screw up this nation too bad in the next 4. Maybe I’m wrong about him, I guess only time will tell.

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