What now?

Yesterday before I went to the polls I made one last run over my local voting guide making sure that I had an opinion on each minor office candidate. Then I watched online video from both presidential candidates to make a final evaluation of my political leanings. What happened next was a suprise to me. I was inspired.  The video that inspired me was a July 2nd call to service speach from Obama at the Airforce Academy. As I reflected on my thoughts about the race leading up to election day I realized it allot of it was based more on my negetive feelings towards the Bush administration. But this call to service was truely inspiring.  And I have a Republican office rival to thank.  Our local right wing pundent sent me a link of Obama being taken out of context. so I found the entire video and forwarded it back to him. This video is what inspired me.  So now what? Today I have a strong need to give back. to contribute to the good of all americans. My newyears resolution is to Follow our new president’s lead and find a way that I can serve and I really feel this is one that I will keep.


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