Strum Stick 3.0

Working on my strumstick today, I wasn’t plesaed with the first one I made I learned some lessons from it and we’ll see if I learned enough lessons.


  • Tone wood was needed for body, The first one sounds thin.
  • Easier construction of body walls by bending the neck wood instead of cutting the body curve
  • Tail stock
  • leave enough head stock from the neck to make the head out of the same wood as the neck
  • Finish wood to prevent staining, open pours in grain pick up dirt from player’s skin

Maybe I’ll sell the first one on craigslist when I get the other one done 🙂


One Response to “Strum Stick 3.0”

  1. Robert Priddy Says:

    You have accomplished something I have been thinking about for months. Your strum stick looks great and I am sure that your new and improved one will be even better. Thanks for sharing your experience and your learnings.

    Can you point me to any reference material for determining the length of the neck and placement of the frets for correct intonation? I am a woodworker and guitar player but not much of a musician. No training or technical knowledge of music.

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