I-Tunes Sucks

rotton apple

Feeling a little torn today I love my Ipod it is sleek sexy and even smells good (that’s another story) But I can only interface with it through Itunes. and that program is a slug. oh and don’t get me started on the DRM. It’s like I have this 57 gibson Les Paul in mint condition and I keep it in a cardboard box taped together with duct tape. Or a brand new Porche Boxter that I keep parked under a sappy walnut tree in late summer. I have only ever purchaced 3 songs that I have downloaded from Itunes (free cards from starbucks) I don’t need or desire the itunes store. I wish I had a simpler interface like I had with my i-River you plug it in and it looks like a hard drive to your computer and you just drag the friggin files to it. SIMPLE. ArRg!


One Response to “I-Tunes Sucks”

  1. hey, Have a look at this one, sposed to be a really good replacement for i-tunes


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