Where to?

In terms of my music I like to express myself in metaphors.. If what you do in life is a Taxi cab that takes you to a destination, Then I have been driving around the block with the meter running for years. Every once in a while I get an idea of where I want to go but then when that left turn comes I turn right because that’s the way I have been taking since I started….and I end up going around the block again.

Maybe I have been listening to too many PR people, Maybe I haven’t been paying attention. But lately I have been hearing the same thing from every source. “A successful Plan will be a success” “Set a goal and lay out the steps it will take to get there”

Plan for success?  There’s a thought.. But before I can make a plan for success I need to define what  success is for me and that’s where I go south. How do I ask for what I want if I can’t even decide what I want?

Excuse me while I think out loud

Success = ARRRG!

Success = …..

Success is Musical, Happy, Profitable, Sustainable, Fulfilling, Service to others,Friendship,  Community involvement, success is doing something I am good at. Confident

I have an idea of what it might look like but I still don’t have a goal.

So let’s break it down

Musical: Playing music, writing music, promoting music, promoting musicians, Music production, live music production.

Happy: Content, Playing music, Parties,events

Profitable: gigs, Paydays, sales, services

sustainable: subscriptions, repeat customers, fans, products,licensing,royalties,services

Fulfilling: Service , community, fame.

Got to get to work touch on this again later.


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