Web Hosting Woes


I logged in to check my websites today and ….WHAT?!!! There gone! Seems that’s what happens when you don’t pay the bills. There has been a problem on their end sending my invoices to the wrong email address. Eventually automation takes over and shuts stuff down. Ever Try to call a company that does online e-commerce? Sounds like a nightmare right? But let me tell you. When you call Gem3 web hosting, a useful knowledgeable person answers the phone.  I swear by this company and would recommend it to my mother. Ronnie Records JCC and Virtual Song Cast have a home to stay


One Response to “Web Hosting Woes”

  1. Hey just want to say glad you posted the GEM3 review. I registered a domain name with Gem3 and am looking into hosting companies. I emailed a simple question and a very nice person called, we talked for an hour, i think that conversation, (which showed some good ol’ fashioned customer service that’s hard to find these days), along with your comments and my research, might make me a Gem3 groupie..can’t find a lot of reviews on Gem3 but what I’m finding is good…glad you posted!

    P.S. Your Ronnie Records link showed up nice..but your Virtual Song Cast blogspot website was messed up…(just showed a little html code?) thought I’d let you know…this is what showed up:

    /* ———————————————– Blogger Template Style Name: Dots Designer: Douglas Bowman URL: http://www.stopdesign.com Date: 24 Feb 2004 ———————————————– */ body { background:#fff url(“ht

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