Friday is here

I have my cell phone on my desk and I am waiting for it to ring. Chris from the Tonic Room is supposed to be calling this morning to give me an update on my mastering. The plan is to pick up the masters today after work. But I hope he is done early so I can pick them up at lunch so that I have a chance to listen before I go out to dinner tonight.

Next step is burn up a batch and get them over to Ellen’s Bindery shop to have them heat shrinked. But there is a problem, (Of course there is…) I broke my CD printer, I was troubleshooting a problem with the printer ribbon cartridge (I think it got spilled on) and I broke the home limit switch. Tiny little plastic part… I hate that shit. So I had a clock/radio/CD player that needed to take one for the team and sacrifice it’s self to the greater good. After kludging together a mount for the Frankenstein micro switch transplant the home switch is “repaired” and I am waiting for the new ribbons from Ebay.

So.. Today I enter a new phase in my project……. Sales. Here I have been working on this project since Christmas last year when My wife bought me 6 hours at the Tonic room and now I don’t really have an audience to sell them too. I am no longer in Second life where my audience was. And my open mic experiment has turned into a shared experience with Acousticats Tim and Tami. So that is not really a venue to sell my solo CD.

I am not sure what to do next.


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