Two more in the bag

Tangled in strings CD CoverFinal studio session was last night for the “Tangled in Strings” CD. I recorded “Falling on hard times” and “Fireflies” I am so tired. Didn’t get done till after 1:00 AM . These last 2 songs were done with a capo and I had never recorded with a capo so it was a different scenario then what I had grown used to, with it’s own unique problems. Tuning was an issue.. I am sure that not having had a chance to break in my new strings played into that problem too. Also I was fighting a tense vocal. I was falling short on the high notes. But after a cup of hot tea I was able to pull out of that funk. Had to abandon the metronome click early on because these songs change tempo and the metronome was fighting the groove and killing the mood. A metronome is nice to have when you are comping vocals and using delay and reverb effects. having a consistant clock makes splicing and dicing easier because you can snap to a grid. Also effects that have a time element sound better when that element is in time with the music. not that it can’t be worked around…It just takes more time, and tests the skills of the engineer. So in all it was a more difficult session then the others but I think we were able to eek out a couple more great recordings. Next step is to have the project mastered and start burning CDs


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