Tonic Room Session 2

Ok breaking it down…

Yesterday I took a day off from work and booked the Tonic Room for a full day session. A full day is basically stopping the payment clock at 8 hours and includes up to 12 hours of work. The clock stops during breaks and lunch etc. So after 12 and a half hours at the studio I had burned 9 hours on the clock, and had tracked 5 songs and mixed down 1 of those 5.

There is still another few hours needed to finish the mix down process. So I will be booking some more time soon.

The session went well with only a couple technical hiccups. I bounced back and forth between Guitar tracking and the Vocal booth taking down one song at a time. First was “I have a song to sing” First tracking the guitar then retracking to double the guitar , Tracking lead vocal , vocal doubling on the chorus and Back ground vocals and Harmonies. then back to guitar to track and double track lead guitar part. So, don’t know if you were counting but.. just guitar and vocals… 8 Tracks and in that 8 tracks.. about 108 different discreet snippets.. a phrase/rephrase/rephrase here a guitar lick there. and presto! “I have a song to sing” was sung 🙂

I won’t bore you with as many details on the other 4 songs.. only that a simmilar process was followed on the other 4.

Back to the beginning” (A song inspired bt Al Gore’s Inconvinent truth”) and “Another Day another night“( a song about hangovers) were prety straight forward. because of the free form style of another day… it was done without a click track.

Tangled up in strings” Has some weird timing and was also done free form without tempo reference..but it wasn’t happening.. I had been recording for about 4 hours without a break and was so focused that I didn’t realize I was starving. I had actually started the shakes from low blood sugars..( I need to listen to my body a little closer) after a lunch break and a quick trip to KFC I returned refreshed and feeling much better.

Invisible man” We added an effect to the Chorus Vocals to make it sound like it was transmitted across a satellite up link from the 60s. This added a fun element to the song. The feeling of a voice coming from another dimension or plac.. Very “Ground control to Major Tom” I can’t wait to hear the final mix down!

So there you have it. Another day in the studio. 5 or six more hours to complete this still unnamed project.. of Ronnie Acoustic originals then it’s off to the presses.

I am open BTW for CD titles…here are a few. Leave me comments with your ideas 🙂

  • Ronnie… Acoustic Bliss
  • Ronnie Unplugged
  • Ronnie Tangled in string
  • Ronnie Strings Across the Universe

One Response to “Tonic Room Session 2”

  1. I like the Ronnie Tagled in String

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