Thinking out loud

Session2 is on my mind. If this album is going to be cohesive I need to stay focused on the grand plan. So here it is as it stands today. First some guidelines.. All songs will be originals.. All songs will be Acoustic guitars and vocals only. 7 to 10 songs. Title of the CD is “Ronnie” maybe a subtile.. “Acoustic melodies”? “Strings across the universe”? “Universal melodies” ? “Universal strings”?
1) Record CD

Boy that sounds simple.. let’s break that down just a little. I have 3 songs recorded I need 5 to 7 more.  Some of which haven’t been written yet.. So next step decide on 3 more songs for next studio visit. The theme of this session will be 3 or 4 songs that are a little more positive. “Tangled up in strings” is right at the top of the list.. it totally belongs in this project. “I have a song to sing” I have gotten good feedback on an early recording of an acoustic version of this song. And maybe “Back to the beginning” it’s up fairly up beat. “Falling on hard times” is not as upbeat but it’s not out of the running if there is time for 4.

There you go.. 4 songs I should just practice them work out some guitar parts and Book another day maybe in April 😛

2) Print CD

Create album art and spend the money. I can get 1000 CDs for $900 with jewel cases and inserts. This also gets me on CD Baby, I Tunes, Rhapsody, and a couple dozen other services

3) Sell CD

rounding up…

  • $1500 Studio time
  • $500 Mastering
  • $1000 Duplication and printing
  • At $10 each I will need to sell 300 CDs to recoup my costs.

One Response to “Thinking out loud”

  1. Ronnie Revere Says:

    Hey Ronnie C:) I understand..we are listening to you over substandard ‘stuff’. I just know that, it sounds good over my ‘phones, so I can’t wait until I have a hard copy to play..and crank it;)) You know my fave is ‘I Have a Song to Sing’…the acoustic version IS awesome; I am so happy you are going to include it!!!!

    Love, the other Ronnie. You rock;)

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