Disconnected Darkness, or Tangled up in Karma

In my last post I outlined all the reasons for the choices I made on what to record,.. Getting closer and I have been practicing. But the closer I get to recording, the less I am convinced that Disconnected is a good choice.. it’s just depressing.. and Darkness…I think needs drums. So it might have to wait for round 2. There are 2 more songs that I have been working on. “Tangled in strings” and “Wicked Karma” They are both fresh songs. Tangled up in strings I think is not ready… I have ideas for harmonica and electric guitars for it. “Another day another night” is looking better. I never thought I would have such a hard time deciding on what to record. or for that mater which songs were going to have what instruments. I guess I will know for sure what I decide on on the 27th… The day I am scheduled for the studio.


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