Tonic Room

So,… 6 hours,… My wife bought me 6 hours in studio time at the Tonic room I know that’s not a lot of time but … Baby steps… At least I am starting. I toured this studio a while back. I gave them a sample of my home recordings and since have decided to take a different route. Here is the plan as it stands today. My project is going to consist of acoustic songs. this will allow me to keep the track count and complexity down, thus should be cheaper to produce. The silver lining is in that my solo career is centered around this genre. The performances I give in Second life are all just me and my guitar. This project will allow me to give the people what they are expecting.. Instead of the ol bait and switch.

6 hours… Should be enough to put down 2 songs. I am torn as to what to record. My latest recording, “Falling on hard times” actually turned out pretty good. Definitely want it in my project. But how will my recording hold up next to theirs? “Disconnected” is a song that I think could be improved upon. the tone of my recording is pretty good but I thing the performance needs work. “Darkness Within” I have 2 recorded versions of this. But I think the acoustic version might sound cool with a more produced feel. But on the other hand. I plan on recording this with the Band too.. However, It is Powerful and that power is going to be welcome on the project.”Another day another night” Is another one that is ready to record.

so I figure I have time for 2 songs to start possibly 3 if it goes real well

Darkness Within, Another day another night, if there is time …Disconnected

and then master Falling on hard times if they agree my home recorded tracks are better than last time.

I think half of my project hasn’t been written yet. I have a lot of songs but I don’t want to recycle my old stuff and in keeping the project Acoustic.. I need some new material. I feel motivated. now all I need is inspiration


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