Trust in the karmic forces of the universe

Walking the line between focus and obsession. Just trying to keep my eye on the prize. But when does not enough become too much? Or is there such a thing as too much when it comes to measuring the passion for a dream? Is every waking moment too much time to spend thinking about my music? I realize I need to back away, give it time to breathe. Give inspiration the chance to get in. But daily drudge seems to interfere. I guess I am just frustrated. And these are just questions I ask myself with no expectation of answers.

I recently wrote a song about how I feel we are all connected, and how my music comes to me from those connections to the universe and how when I write music, I feel that I am returning that energy back into the universe. “Strings on my guitar like strings across the universe, Strumming out the melodies of our lives”

Today is a day I will relegate myself to give into the strings that bind us together, and trust in the karmic forces of the universe.


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