Twisted ankle

Got a callback from the recording studio… not as good news as I had hoped. First , They really liked the song. but the individual tracks I gave them were not up to snuff to professional ears. The Bass track was muddy, the drums have volume issues, The guitar was allright but they would have liked to have multiple takes to mix together to get a “fat” sound. The Vocal performance was great but too colored with ambient sound of my room. They said they could mix it but that I wouldn’t be satisfied with the result. At the advice of their head engineer, I decided to not have them work on it any further, and re-track it later.. (more money$$) The sad part is that I know they are right, I knew my recording skills were wanting, but wow I feel totally amature now. Blow to the ego. I really want to hear my music reach it’s full potential, but to record it right it’s gonna cost big bucks.  More then I can afford I am afraid (Dreams bigger than my Wallet)


2 Responses to “Twisted ankle”

  1. Well, don’t let it get you down. I know it feels like a gut punch now and you feel all deflated, but the problems aren’t insurmountable; it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. I’d work on trying to get cleaner sound on the instruments, then if the whole “room” vocal is really a problem consider recording the vocal takes in their studio. Do as much at home as you can.

    The important point here is that the song is good and you’re very talented. 🙂 A musician with no talent has no options. You have options, lots of options. 🙂 Getting where you want to be just isn’t going to be as quick and easy as you’d like. However, you can still get there! 🙂

  2. Remember … this is just one studio’s opinion. They may want cleaner sound for THEIR style of mixing, etc. YOU make it sound like YOU. Hell, the Eurythmics did their first 3 or 4 albums on a 4-track in the garage … gave ’em a truly unique sound that is emulated & sought after by many gifted artists.

    Art is subjective. What is muddy to one set of ears is ambient to another. Don’t let it get to you. Quit listening to all those outside voices and start listening to your heart. It knows.

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