Been Disconnected lately. Probably need medication. I have suffered from depression in some mild form or another for probably all my life, so this is nothing new. Comes in waves, usually lasts a month or so, but it’s been a long while now and there hasn’t been any sign it funk is going to subside. Don’t fear for me, this is mild. I have a lot of joy in my music and with my friends. I just feel Disconnected. I see everyone in the Holiday spirit and I am just not there. I don’t remember dates or plans. I know it drives Jeannette crazy some times. I have been neglecting responsibilities… promises I have made. I see these things, I see that I have become Disconnected and I just havn’t tried to do anything about it. That ends today. Today I am making an appointment to see someone. On one hand, it makes for good songwriting fodder. But on the other hand, I thinkI’m ready to start writing happier songs.


One Response to “Disconnected”

  1. Hope you feel “connected” again soon. 🙂 (Check your e-mail for more on this.) BTW, The song is lovely. 🙂

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