I love a parade…… NOT!

Ah, a fine Marler family tradition. Jeannette is in the kitchen and that Fuckin’ Macy’s parade is on the tube. I Love her dearly, but honestly, that parade is about as entertaining as a blunt object in your eye. Right up there with the lolly-pop kids on the Annoy-o-meter.  Not to mention the mindless drivel spewing from Matt and Merideth’s over fead mouths. And if I hear one more marching band I am going to scream. Having endured the parade in person a couple years ago… The TV version is just fingernails on the blackboard of my Thanks giving day… Maybe later We’ll get to watch a football game Yay !


2 Responses to “I love a parade…… NOT!”

  1. Don’t make me kick your humbuggy ass! Macy’s is the only parade I like. It’s the harbinger of Christmas! Ho ho ho!

  2. DeeAnna says bite me!

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