20 minutes in the Studio

I have had my first visit to the studio.

Granted it was only 20 minutes but well spent. The gear at Tonic room is impressive to say the least. The owners/staff were friendly and put me right at ease. The environment is also amazing the place is soft and the lighting lends well to the mood, The rooms sound amazing! Floated floors and adjustable wall treatments make for a versatile space.I think I could be very comfortable in this studio pouring my heart and soul in to my music. (Now if I can just afford it)

I gave Chris my CD he told me he would load up the tracks into protools on Tue after Turkey day. Hope I have nails left to bite till then.

This is a first baby step in a long journey for me.  hope I don’t twist my ankle


One Response to “20 minutes in the Studio”

  1. Only 20 minutes? 😯 I just expected that you’d be there for the mixing. How do you know they will mix it the way you want it without your ears hearing it? The studio environment sounds great! 🙂 Guess you’ll be saving up for a session there next year. 😉

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