Next Wed at 11:00 will mark a new landmark in my recording carreer. I am taking the day off work. I am taking Master tracks to “You Give Me Vertigo” to the Tonic Room, they are a local studio that comes highly recommended. I am going to have them remix and master it. I am wondering about the difference of my recordings vs. “professional” mix. it’s gonna cost $35 for the mastering and $65 hour for mixing so I am thinking a hundred bucks. If they blow me away It will be worth it. After that I am going to the spa and getting a massage. because that is what rock stars do. (Then maybe snort some cocaine from the thighs of groupies.)


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  1. This is sooooo cool! You’ll have to post a detailed account of the whole studio process and what was done with the tracks (for those of us who have considered such a thing, but never done it). You can uh, skip the groupie details. That’s best left to the imagination. 😉 😆

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