A day in a life

A day in a life of Ronnie Marler

Went to bed wasn’t stealthy enough and woke my wife up …oops

Woke up, no time for breakfast I’ll have a Latte when I get to work.

My BMW has satellite radio and I like the 70’s station in the morning. First song of the day,,Back stabbers by the O-Jays. I wonder if that’s where he got the idea to kill Nicole & Ronald. Driving to work with my wife. I met her here at work 16 years ago. We drive together every day

Here I am another day in the salt mine. I work at  Micron Technology where I write computer programs for machines that are used to make computer memory and cell phone camera chips.

Coffee, We have a coffee cart in the cafeteria, I have a Vanilla Latte with my good friend Dave. He is my band’s sound man and a fellow programmer. He’s a big guy, Diabetic, kinda goofy, and terminally single.

Side tracked by the internet again. My cube mate Bill asked me If I knew where Kent State was. Half an hour later I am reading about National guard killings of 4 students protesting the US invasion of Cambodia. Yes I work in a Cubicle, I have a small shop too where I work with the hardware aspect of my job. It’s full of computers and cameras and misc electronic crap.

Rounded up a Video capture card and camera for Todd .. Listening to the Wicked Karma stream on my computer, Circe said she would put some of my tunes on the play list but never did. When I play one of her venues again I’ll ask her about it.

The program I am working on today takes the input from a camera on a machine and and analyzes the image. Keying off specific changes that I see in the image, I take a snapshot and save it to disk. along with time sensitive production data.Think of it like, watching a video poker game and every time there is an ace of hearts I take a picture. But instead of an ace of hearts, it’s a microscopic bonding pad on a silicone wafer covered with hundreds of tiny cell phone camera chips each the size of a tic-tac.

Computer crash, I just lost all the work I did yesterday…. 2 steps forward one step back….. I need to get away from This…. Takin’ off early for lunch.

Went to the post office mailed a package. kinda chilly today I’m glad I have my favorite Black Velvet jacket on. It makes me feel luxurious. Not many people round here can pull off velvet. But my personality and  reputation is just flamboyant enough. I feel sexy when I wear it. Does that sound gay?

Lunch with the boys in the cafeteria. Dave (see 8:10), Paul our keyboard player, Tim our Bass player.. we call him Timmay like on South Park. and Bob Guitars. every one but our drummer Jim who has lunch at 1:00. We had a little dirty joke contest Tim won with a joke who’s punch line is “a hungry rat on a string”. Then we chatted about band practice. I took my song “Darkness Within” to them a few weeks ago. OMG!, Friday night we played it for the third time ever as a band, Jim slowed the tempo by about a third. Bob’s Guitar was thick and wet with reverb his long tailed licks hung on each phrase he was completely lost in it. And my vocal was so strong I scared myself. It was a “moment”, In 10 years when Rolling Stone asks me “When did you know…?” I’ll tell that story, and you read it here first. My band mates are my best friends,We all work here at Micron there is probably 100 years of working here if you combine all our time at this company. I have never had friends this close. I love these guys.

Just got dumped on. A new project that will consume my life for the next week. and since it is not tied to any of my current goals set by my management, I will likely not meet my target dates and miss out on the company’s new profit sharing program for the quarter. This new system is a morale breaker for sure.

WOOT! just discovered my crash didn’t screw me after all. wheeeew!

2:00 PM
Just heard Emmylou Harris sing “Red Dirt Girl” such a sad song, made me well up. I must be hormonal. “One thing they don’t tell you ’bout the blues when you got em, You keep on fallin’ cause there ain’t no bottom there ain’t no end. least not for Lilly Anne”

Usualy the time of day I have break with the lefties, But not today everyone is to busy for break time. Our programming group is split right down the middle when it comes to politics and religion. Half of them are the worst kind of born again, gun toting, kill all the Muslims and let god sort them out, “Your sister is going to hell for being gay”, Christians. And the other half I take break with. The gay comment is an actual quote BTW. I prefer people who can converse with an open mind…….. Break by myself.

Back from break. Dave ended up going after all. I like Dave but when it comes to women, he can be a real pig. Just think of your stereotypical sailor that’s Dave, checks out every girl that walks past and always has a commentary. I really think if he just had a girlfriend he would cool it. But like I said before, he is terminally single.

Time to go home, Stopped by Timmay’s desk to pick up audio recording interface he had borrowed then into the car and into gridlock

Home and watching the news. Fish for dinner tonight


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