Famous. To be… or, not to be? That is the question

I have been giving this a lot of thought lately,so I thought I would think about it out loud here on Ronnie Blog.

It’s the big “What if?” If opportunity knocked, would I have the courage to answer?

I think about the security I would have to give up to follow my dream. If a recording deal fell into my lap would I quit my job and move to LA? Take a leave of absence head to the studio and go on tour? How much would my wife risk for my dream? How much would I?
The question has always been a theoretical. but recently I don’t know, it no longer feels out of the realm of possibility in today’s interconnected Internet world. I have friends who know people in the business. People with the power to realize things.

I had conference with my spiritual adviser today, and have decided to decide what I want and to ask for it.

Putting this out into the universe…
I am going to be famous, It is my belief that people will be humming my songs in their heads. while they are doing the dishes. It is my belief that my songs will be on the radio so that when you are alone in your car, my lyrics may strike a truth in you, give you a chill, or make you cry, in your private realization of who you are. I believe that I am a proper servant to my art, and I am willing to accept my success. This is what I want and this is what I am taking. It is mine and I deserve it.


One Response to “Famous. To be… or, not to be? That is the question”

  1. Absolutely. Right on. 😀

    I don’t think being a famous and successful musician these days entails the sort of drastic sacrifices and havoc on the personal life that it once did. The internet makes it possible to make and distribute albums with no middle man. It gives you venues to play in, both live and “radio”, it gives you the tools to build a fanbase without spending every night gigging locally and every weekend on the road. I’m not saying you won’t do real life music, but the part it plays in your success is very different (and less crucial) than for musicians a generation ago. Less wear and tear on your homelife (and your wheels).

    Go for it. You know I and the Monkey will suppport your dreams. 🙂 You support my dreams. That’s sort of what Undead Monkey is all about: encouragement and inspiration as well as collaboration. 🙂

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