Good bye yellow brick road

Sir Elton was in good form last night. We had good seats and a good time. Stopped by the Ram and had a steak and a couple micro brews before the show. He sang for 2:45 minutes most of which was his old stuff which was Fantastic! nothing from lion king (Thank god) he has a new CD “The Captain and the Kid” he played 4 or 5 from that. So in all it was a great show. different from what we saw in Vegas last year when we saw him at Ceazars.
I have this thing I am doing lately I am calling my brother on the cell phone from concerts and holding the phone up for a song. He probably thinks I am crazy.


2 Responses to “Good bye yellow brick road”

  1. Sounds like a night to remember. πŸ™‚ Whether or not your brother thinks you’re crazy depends on the song. If it’s Elton John live, probably not. If it’s “Disco Duck” on the radio, yeah, he’s probably having you measured for a nice white jacket with funny sleeves. πŸ˜‰

  2. But … you ARE crazy.

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