God I hate football season

Time for a rant kids

Football season again (insert  sarcastic tone here) oh boy I can’t wait for the weekly betting pools the hours of time spent on the job by my meat headed co workers while I am forced to pick up the slack. I can’t wait for the hours of mindless drivell pouring out of the public at large, the distraction from what is truly important to the evening news. the traffic jams around BSU. oh and don’t get me started on that blue turf crap. Shut the fuck up! truly shut up. I can’t take it any longer. The polar caps are melting and we are dying our hair blue and orange. WHERE THE HELL ARE OUR PRIORITIES?!!


4 Responses to “God I hate football season”

  1. Sports enthusiasm (particularly football) requires nothing more than blind unthinking loyalty (and the occasional team jersey and hair-dye 😉 ). Social and political activism require a lot more thought and action. As a whole, our society doesn’t want to get involved in things that require anything more than enthusiasm and vapid interest. Football is comparatively benign compared with the national obsession with the sordid lives and opulent lifestyles of celebrities. If your football-loving friends do turn on the evening news they are just as likely to see a story about a hot celebrity couple breaking up as the polar ice caps breaking up.

    There have been many dystopian science fiction novels written in which the fascist power block encourages the masses to divert themselves with mindless games and enthusiasms, because it’s safer for the power structure if they do. I’m certain that everytime a celebrity scandal pushes atrocious government actions and policy “below the fold” (as they used to say in the newpaper biz), the current administration breaths easier.

  2. Go Broncos (Both Boise State and Denver)

  3. …..Blog Polution…..

  4. […] Ah, a fine Marler family tradition. Jeannette is in the kitchen and that Fuckin’ Macy’s parade is on the tube. I Love her dearly, but honestly, that parade is about as entertaining as a blunt object in your eye. Right up there with the lolly-pop kids on the Annoy-o-meter.  Not to mention the mindless drivel spewing from Matt and Merideth’s over fead mouths. And if I hear one more marching band I am going to scream. Having endured the parade in person a couple years ago… The TV version is just fingernails on the blackboard of my Thanks giving day… Maybe later We’ll get to watch a football game Yay ! […]

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