Hello world!

So many irons in the fire.

I thought I could use a place Just for me. I wear so many hats in this online world a Singer and Guitarist in a clasic rock band,  A Musician in an internet band, A podcaster, and webmaster. But where can I talk about the things I do to promote myself. one of these days… one day soon I plan on dabbling in a solo music effort. get some coffee shop and wine bar type gigs. a place to play my original tunes in an acoustic styled setting. I hope you come and see me when I do. and when I do you will find more info here.

Untill then check me out on line

Jack Crowne and the Coronas

Undead Monkey

Virtual song cast

Journey to the stars rock and roll guitars



One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Besides wine bars and coffeehouses, check into bookstores, too. Some of the Borders bookstores in my area have acoustic solo or duos set up in a corner of the coffeebar area. (Barnes & Noble also have coffeebars, but I can’t recall hearing anyone play there.) Bookstore audiences would especially appreciate what a good lyricist you are. 🙂

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